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Computer editors are professionals who make available to the public written text and data that is used in a variety of situations. These may include manuals that need to be altered for personal or professional use, or they may be needed for business purposes to help improve sales, save time, or reduce costs in other areas. While all computers may not have a word processor on them today as was the case centuries ago, the vast majority of them do. In most cases, a computer editor is employed by a publishing house, which may be either a small press or a large publishing company. For example, Microsoft publishes its own editors, while Apple sells its own editing software. In either case, editors are responsible for making sure that business documents, resumes, articles, letters, and other writing is properly formatted and presented in the format required by the company for the purpose of conveying its message to its audience.

Most people who are familiar with word processing know how to manually change the text in a document. However, editors can go a step further and correct punctuation, spelling, spell errors, and other errors automatically so that your resume looks perfect instead of confusing or otherwise detracting from its intended message. Because the computer screen is so much smaller than the printed document, any mistakes can be seen clearly. Therefore, editors must be highly skilled typists in order to perform their duties without having their work misinterpreted by the human eye. Good computer editors will know when their spellings are off and make the necessary corrections.

The field of computer editing is a growing one, as more businesses and individuals require the computer editor capabilities for a wide range of reasons. One of the most common uses for a computer editor is to proofread and edit manuscripts for authors and publishers. While bad grammar and spelling may not seem like big problems at first, if these things are consistently found, they could significantly reduce the chances of getting your manuscript published. Computer editors who are skilled enough to catch errors early can also make the editing process easier on the author and publisher, and give you a better shot at getting your book written.